Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Thicket and Bramble Wilderness

I promised new stuff soon and here it is!  Soon, right?  Funny thing is, the something new is actually nothing new here, but something new somewhere else. That sounded a bit confusing; let me explain:  I have been maintaining a class blog for about three years now -- a place to list assignments, describe what we did in class in case kids were absent, store handouts, provide links to helpful resources, etc.  Recently, however, my school district has adopted School Loop, a communications system which will meet all of the needs I have for a class site.  Therefore, my previous class site ( was days away from becoming irrelevant and unnecessary, which caused me some pangs of sadness. Grief, perhaps?  But then, I noticed a post on The EC Ning from a teacher interested in collaborating with other teachers to create a group blog entitled 101 English Blogs.  Intrigued, I sent the founder an email.  I wasn't sure that More Than I Should Bear was really an "English blog" since I cover all sorts of topics besides teaching.  So, I decided that my contribution to 101 English Blogs could be a blog strictly about my teaching practice, and now that the space is available, I created my new blog there with a new title, "A Thicket and Bramble Wilderness".  The new blog (as if I can even keep up with this one!) will feature specific lessons, activities, assignments and experiences from my classroom.  I am excited about this new endeavor and hope it challenges me and strengthens me just as More Than I Should Bear has.  Wish me luck!


Uniquely Eli said...

I went on just a couple seconds ago and was a bit surprised at the news. I completely understand your sadness at having to change. In a sense, leave what it was behind for something new. I'm not even sure if I understood exactly what is going to happen to that blog, but I know that leaving anything behind is sad. But i think change in general can be very sad.
I understand that change can be good. In fact, change is healthy. But change can be nostalgic and I realize that change can be painful.
But no worries Mrs. Elliott, change is necessary and thats why change exists. Just please, don't take that Gerbera daisy off. Perhaps you can move it around a bit, in a different position, or anything you wish, but don't eradicate it completely.
What the blog was now I would put away like another box of memories and other things healthy for life, on top of other boxes that symbolize another leap in this journey of more memories, keeping the Gerbera Daisy as a reminder of your essence.

-Elizabeth Amaya.

Keana said...

Honestly Mrs. E I miss your old website. I just signed up with School Loop and maybe its because I am not very good with technology but I don't like it; I find it very cluttered and confusing. I used to be able to navigate quickly through your website with grace to find what I needed but now I stumble and struggle through this new site. We all have to do things were no used to so I guess this is just a challenge to overcome that will teach me something in the end

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the comments, girls. Change is always hard, but it makes us stronger :) I appreciate all the kindness and support you young ladies always give me. It means so much!

Susan Yang said...

I just saw the new! I personally like it a lot :)

I recently registered with SchoolLoop and it isn't exactly user-friendly, but since you update our specific class assignments on schoolloop I think that the new is more useful and interesting.

-Susan Y.