Monday, March 28, 2011

Love 'em and Leave 'em

Spending time with my family spoils me, makes me hesitant to return to work even though my classroom is my haven.

When I get there tomorrow, I will love my blank whiteboards awaiting my print. I will love my papers and books and piles -- all evidence of my learning. Perhaps theirs, too. I will love the talk and laughter, the writing and sharing, the silliness and seriousness we squeeze between bells. I will love being a teacher because it is who I am.

But tonight, I am already missing the boys, big and small, because I love them even more than blank whiteboards and writing; that is, even more than myself.


Juice said...

Wow. This was the perfect rendition of how one struggles between two passions or desires they have. I love the way you simply yet specifically display your love and passion for teaching. Being the daughter of a teacher (now principal) myself, I've seen first hand the life style a teacher must undergo-the troublesome students, the difficult parents, and the sacrifices of free time that must be made. So on behalf of all of your students present and past, I thank you for your dedication. It's very nice to see that you focus on the good rather than bad of your job. It's completely understandable and quite admirable that you have your family as your number one priority and still remain passionate about teaching. This was a gret poem-thank you for sharing it.

teamawesome said...

Cute is an understatement for this poem. I love the serenity of tone and the passion of the words in it. It describes both your life inside and outside of school and shows the pros and cons of being a teacher, giving the right amount of credit to both careers. Loved it.

-Jessica D.

Juice said...

The first comment was written by Stephanie Rose-I forgot my name. Sorry!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, ladies! Your words are so appreciated!

Justice League said...

Mrs. Elliott, I'm sad to say this is the first time I've been on your blog because I usually stick to the ones written by my classmates. But as soon as I ventured onto your blog I was really excited because it's fun to see what your teacher would say when it's their turn to do a blog. I also feel like I know you so much better!

This particular post caught my eye because it says a lot about you. It seems to me that you're so invested in and deicated to everything you do and who you are. You're a teacher, mother, writer, wife, and so much more, and you give 100% in each of these people that you are.

This post remided me a great deal of my mom, which you better believe is a huge complement!She always says her kids are her favorite thing she's ever done, and now that I'm older I actually believe her :) As the youngest, soon leaving for college, I can see a change in her as though she feels she's losing her children, but I keep telling her I'm not really leaving and I'm going to need her in my life no matter what. I keep saying, "Mom you're not free yet, don't worry." And it's absolutely true, I'm going to need her help and advice throughout my life no matter how old I am. It's true a mom's work is never done, but like my mom, I know you'll never see it as work because your boys are the most important thing to you! Anyway, just saying that I'm basically really glad I roamed around on your blod :)
-Hillary D.