Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming in Last

Last is a place most people don't want to be.

Few choose to be last in line or be picked last for a team or come in last in a race.  Last means waiting and slow. And in a world as fast-paced as ours, last feels like almost not being there at all. Last feels like losing.

I haven't gone back to check each day, but during the Slice of Life Story Challenge this month, I have been last or close to last almost every day when I posted my slice.  Being on the West Coast contributed to that, but I also usually reserved writing my slice for the very last piece of my day.  I wanted to be sure all that was going to happen for the day had happened.  I wanted to fall asleep with words still rearranging themselves on my mind.  I wanted to eulogize each passing day with my words.

When I went through the Writing Project Summer Institute in 1999, I wrote a poem that began, "My time to write is morning..."  Now, the quiet and calm I like to write by comes with moonlight instead of the sun.

March has given me a new appreciation for last.


Becky said...

I agree.
Sometimes I do wish I would write earlier, but I haven't so far. Just my style.

Letterpress said...

I have often written last, but I got in the habit of writing at night for the next day's posts--to greet those East Coasters with a post or two (I live on the west coast, too, in Southern California). So, even though it looks like my posts have been early, they've really been late!

Now that I've found you--I'm going to have to go back and read some of your posts. That's one of the beauties of SOLSC is that we discover new voices to read and enjoy.

Happy Writing--see you next year!

Elizabeth E.

Keana said...

I love how you always give us a new outlook on life Mrs. E. We are always told we need to be first and that we have to rush and I think that is making us miss out on a lot of valueable things in life. I'm glad you too understand you can see just as clearly by the moonlight, as by sun.