Sunday, March 13, 2011


Sundays always make me wistful and reflective.  They make me question how I love, how I live, how I spend my time.  I haven't written poetry for a Slice yet, so I thought it might be a good night to try.


Maybe if I sit still,
very very still,
so still that even my eyes
hesitate to blink --

so quiet and still that i can hear
the hair tucked behind my ear
the freeway hum of thoughts in my head
the  thump, thump of my heart not slowing down.

Maybe if I sit still,
very very still,
the world won't turn
the sun won't rise
the hour won't pass

and i can breathe you in
for one minute more.


Anonymous said...

I love your poem. It made me think about not wanting to take my son back to college today (his Spring Break ended today). All I wanted to do was keep him home!

Keana M said...

Maybe it is the fact that I had a weekend filled with too much emotion, but I feel like I really related to your poem. The second stanza is my favorite, not only because of the ryhme scheme but also due to the amazingly clear mental images that I got when I read it.
I think you should post more poetry!!