Monday, March 21, 2011


I lost my grandma before I had my first son. As I have relied on my mom and seen her be a grandma to my kids, it has made me wish I could see my grandma again because I finally understand what she did that was so wonderful. I know my mom is the grandmother she is because of her own mom.

My mom is the grandma who will do whatever she can, not only for her grandkids, but for me. She is the kind of grandma who didn't have me cancel plans to get away for a night with my husband even though the boys have had the flu (third one came down with it this morning!). Instead, she took them, all three crazy boys, and sent me off to Disneyland.

She knows the boys need the time with her. She knows I need time with my husband. And I hope she knows how much we all appreciate her. And I hope she knows that she not only helped me be the mom I am, she is already influencing the grandma I someday hope to be.


Elysa said...

Sounds like you've been blessed with a pretty incredible mama, too. :)

Juice said...

I think it's really admirable how you give so much credit to your mother for how you live your life. Barely the age of eighteen, I've been irritated for years about how teenagers take credit for what isn't theirs and don't give praise to those who deserve it. Whether a teenager wants to admitt it orr not, their mother and father are responsible for the majority of the gifts they've been given, both internally and externally. I appreciate that you take the time out of your day to show your mom how much you care.-Stephanie Rose