About Me

I have always believed that writing takes courage. What swirls around the universe of our minds is the most private, intimate part of being human. When we put those swirls on paper, we turn ourselves inside out for the benefit (hopefully) of others. My mother has warned me from the moment I learned how to put pencil to paper to be careful about what I write. And I am. But I am also ready to believe that I need to be just as careful about what I don't write. So, my hope is that each post is more than I should bear/bare, but exactly what I have to.

I live in Southern California, in the same city in which I was raised.  I am a high school English teacher who loves to share the power of words with my students.  I have a wonderful husband and three "energetic" sons.  Being in a family of all males has certainly taught me to see the world from a new perspective.  I hope to get better at that all the time. Whether I am spending time with my family, working with my colleagues, teaching toddlers in Sunday School or seniors in high school, I try to follow the advice I like to give: Be kind. 

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know something about me.  I'd love to hear more about you, so please leave a comment! 


Uniquely Eli said...

Mrs. Elliott you have become such an inspiration to me! I honestly, by this time, don't even recall how I ended on your blog (I think I was trying to find a source for my OLW?); but it is for people like you, poets like you, writers like you, more like artists like you...that make me believe in myself. Like you said the other day "people don't take the time to reflect, the 'real' world, doesn't know what that is," and to be able to find even one other person that does look at life like I do, again makes me feel powerful and invincible. You make me believe in myself.
Not sometimes, but all of the times, writing instead of saying what I mean, has been much easier for me; therefore hopefully these little words make some sense.
Your blog is beautiful! I've learned a new, unknown lesson through every blog you've posted!

Your student,
Elizabeth Amaya:)

Megan said...

First, thank you for your comments on my post yesterday. Second, thank you for the statement you make here: "writing takes courage." Just what I needed to hear.