Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#Poemaday 25: More Than Nothing

More Than Nothing 
(response to @budtheteacher's prompt #26 )

Yesterday's future holds
me back, holds me
in a weighty embrace
the spirit is love
but the truth is nothing
more than nothing.
Yesterday's future stares
back at me, holds me
in a fragile game of 
do not blink
because if you do 
the game is over
and the eyes close
under the pressure.
Yesterday's future speaks
such kind and hopeful words
like we can, yet we never do
more than nothing
and the truth is nothing
holds me back
but you and me
and yesterday
and the future.

1 comment:

The Extrapolators said...

I love your poem! It really caused me to question my goals in life. Are they what I want? or what i think I want? When one believes or wishes something long enough, the reasons why slowly slip away. This has reminded me to focus on living life with the goal of happiness and not to fulfill "Yesterdays Future."