Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#Poemaday 6: My Pieces

Today, @budtheteacher offered this: We are all making quilts.  What are the pieces of yours?

My Pieces Are Making
morning shower where i plan my day
ask my questions
imagine my someday
when i'm ready
it is socks and pants and t-shirts
in several boy sizes
lunches sacked and named
kisses and locking the door behind me
then, hallways confettied with the young
men and women of tomorrow
but more of today
of right now text messages and
ringtones and the hope
that the world will still be here when it's theirs
and it will have a place for them
words and words and words
from pencil tips, our lips,
laptops, iPhones, headphones
three ring circus of words and the stories they tell
we tell stories
pieces of us, fabric scraps of us
then back through the front door
to dinner prep and kisses from daddy and
just for a minute sitting down
bathtime, prayers and too many whispers
until we are tucked in
safely wrapped in the tales of the day,
wrapped in pieces of us, fabric of us,
stories we tell


Kevin Hodgson said...

I like these lines:

until we are tucked in
safely wrapped in the tales of the day

Nicely done!

Juice said...

My favorite lines in the poem are "Hallways confettied...have a place for them". I like that you cleverly pointed out how young kids live in the "now", with their texts and technology, but in reality, they are the future, and they don't always acknowledge that. I also really loved your word choices in this poem.(confettied, three ring circus,etc)
Stephanie Rose