Friday, April 1, 2011

Again, But With Poetry

Last month I participated in the Slice of Life blogging challenge at Two Writing Teachers and am proud to say I posted a Slice of Life for 30 of the 31 days!  It was the perfect thing to get me writing with more consistency and even a sense of determination.  And it was such a wonderful blessing to be in a writing community, responding to the work of others and hearing feedback on my own pieces. 

As National Poetry Month loomed, though, I was wary of jumping in to another daily challenge.  Poetry takes a certain something from me that I was worried might not be there anymore (if it ever truly was).  But then I decided, that's just fear talking.  Then my husband said, "Hey, just because your Slice challenge ended doesn't mean you should stop writing!" And he was right (I love it when he is!).

On Twitter, I saw that Bud Hunt would be providing a daily prompt inspired by/connected to a photograph.  Other Tweeters began tweeting about #poemaday, and I admit, part of me wanted to write just so I could be a part of the same stream as these, what I call, Rock Star Teachers.

So, whatever my motivation and regardless of my fears, I am committing to a poem a day throughout the month of April.

Today's prompt from Mr. Hunt is: What's waking you up lately?

What Is Waking Me Up Lately?
All green lights on my way home,
Suns rising, snows falling,
The nest building in the eaves,
Wedding invitations
      (delicious, embossed cardstock),
Baby showers,
Umbrellas and the rubbing palm on belly
Eulogies, happy endings, 
A son wanting to be near me,
Wordswirl before I open my eyes

The thing with feathers


Kevin Hodgson said...

I liked all the descriptors in your poem, Stephanie. And the final line -- just perfect.

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much! That bit of encouragement is just what I needed.

Melanie Nadon said...

Mrs. Elliott,

I really like that we are able to see some of your writing through access to your blogs and when you participate in things such as this. Some people may find it strange, but I like having that small insight on teachers' lives sometimes, I feel like it makes communications easier. I think it's extraordinary that you can blog, do this cool little challenges, FIND out about this challenges, teach your class, and do everything you need to for your family. I like to make excuses for not being able to blog very much sometimes, but seeing your example, I know it can be done.

- Melanie N.

Days In The Park said...

Thanks for the kind words, Melanie. When you really love something, it is amazing how you will find the time for it :)

Stephanie said...

oops -- the last comment was from me, not my husband or the country bears :)

Diana1LitCoach said...

Oooh, love this! I love the line about the nest building in the eaves. Thanks for the great idea!