Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#Poemaday 26: What Are You Waiting For?

for the phone to ring
for the diagnosis
to be grown-up
to be discovered
with bated breath
with little hope
in anticipation
in fear

we wait
in line
after line
after line

     grocery store
     the bank
     coffee bars
     amusement park rides

for permission
for direction
for forgiveness
for the light to change

for someone to say, "Its gonna be alright"
and for someone to believe it.


Team B.A. said...

Mrs. Elliott, I love this poem! I love the structure. The last line resonates. I like how it almost contradicts the line before it. I've loved all your poems for your challenge thus far!
-Emily T

teamawesome said...

This is a really interesting. The structure is new to me and I'm curious if there's a word for this type of poem. It makes a lot of sense though and i can completely relate to it. Well done Mrs. Elliott!
-Jessica D.

Juice said...

This is a great poem!! I agree with Jessica and wonder if there's a specific name for this type of structure. I love the simplicity of the poem and how it tells a story without more than two words per line.
Stephanie Rose