Monday, April 25, 2011

#Poemaday 24: Parachutes

A day behind, but catching up!  Here is my response to @budtheteacher's prompt #24:


Dandelions freckle the grass,
hundreds of wishes waiting for flight.
Small hands grab, snap them from their roots,

Blow, sprinkling the fuzz with saliva.
Seed-bearing parachutes float to a place where hope lives.

Yet, I hold the one in my hand as if it is the last.
 I question each dream that rises to my lips.
What    harm    might    await?
And the real question is,

When did I become afraid to wish?

1 comment:

The Extrapolators said...

This is really inspiring. Its too easy to forget one's dreams when being constantly reminded by society of the possibility of failure. Yet, there would have never been progress in the world if our greatest leaders would have been afraid to dream!

~Vanessa S.