Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Good Laugh

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.  ~e.e. cummings
It has permeated every part of my day.

Nicholas and I laughed playing his Finger Football game; he tried to flick the football through the goalposts (my fingers) and ended up flinging his whole body and still missing the field goal.  
We laughed on the playground as he and Lucas took on the tire swing for the first time.  I sent them into circles and loved hearing the laughter flying out of them as they spun.  We laughed over and over again at Lucas each time he came down the slide and his hair stood up on end as if he had been lightning-struck. We laughed again when we got home and looked at the pictures and video from the park and Chad and I laughed when Lucas exclaimed, "That was some good picture lookin'!"

We watched what may be one of the cheesiest sequels ever (Ghostbusters II) and in addition to chuckling at the strange goings-on in the film, couldn't help but laugh when Michael asked in the most serious way, "Dad, is this a good movie?"  Lucas made his brothers and I laugh as he did his own rendition of the Ghostbusters theme with a spiffy little dance to go with it. 

Lucas and I burst out laughing in unison when he went to give Daddy a kiss goodnight and Daddy's mouth was dripping milk and cereal from a too-big bite.

I have to admit the night even came to a close with laughter over a series of those bodily noises (from the kids, not me!) that seem to send every boy into uncontrollable giggling.

As I write, I can hear the laughter from the day spinning in my mind, like my boys upon that tire swing -- a beautiful, layered symphony of joyful sounds.

Yesterday I worried I had not done enough with my time off; today I realized that "productive" can come in many forms and I think I like today's form the best.


Ruth said...

Love that you count days like this productive--I wholeheartedly agree! Noticing and valuing the laughter of the day is awesome!

Blue Penguins said...

I truly believe that laughter is one of the most powerful tools in life. Through a tough day, a task that seems unbearable, or a time in life that we feel we cannot get through, laughter has the power to make us feel whole. It can make us feel complete, and as though we have not a single worry in this crazy thing we call life. I am thankful for laughter, for jokes, and for the ability to forget things, if even for a second, and feel as though the world is a better place because we have laughter.

Lexie Cantarero