Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Testimony

We are not rock stars or professional athletes, but entertainment and inspiration are certainly part of our vocation.  We are not pastors or psychologists, but people's souls and emotions are often in our hands.  We are not firefighters, police officers or surgeons, but there are certainly moments when I believe we are saving lives.

We are teachers.

And while this blog isn't the LA Times or the Nobel Foundation, and therefore will not provide anyone featured here significant media exposure or prize money, this is simply a way for me to acknowledge the important, difficult, inspiring work that educators do each day.

My brand new feature is titled "Teacher Testimony" and in it I will interview outstanding educators and share with you their stories.  I hope it will enlighten and encourage -- just as great educators do!

Check out my first interview with my dear friend, Darcy Salvadore.

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