Friday, June 18, 2010

A Call for Teacher Testimonies

Summer vacation means hours at the pool, library visits, no homework and so much time with my family that we can hardly stand it.  It also means a break from new Teacher Testimony posts, but it does not mean I am not still thinking about educators and how they impact our lives.  I would love to spend this two-month hiatus making contact with educators I can begin featuring once we are back in school and I would love some suggestions.  If you are an educator, perhaps you have a colleague you think would be great for Teacher Testimony.  Or if you are a parent, maybe one of your child's teachers has had a positive impact on your family.  Or maybe there is a teacher you had when you were in school whom you feel has some insights we would benefit from.  If you know a teacher who would be terrific for Teacher Testimony, please comment with the teacher's name, school and location.  I will follow up on these nominations and hopefully we can give those terrific teachers a little recognition for the amazing work they do!

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