Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wonderfully Weary

I have been tired this week.  The kind of tired where I can hardly keep my eyes open once I sit on the couch after the boys are in bed.  The kind of tired that has me hitting the snooze button three times in the morning. As I sat here tonight wondering why I have been less-than-energetic, I reviewed some of the highlights (and low points) of my Thursday.  Today, I (and not in this order):
  • Cheered for our outstanding, improved and inspirational students at a rally
  • Joined in happy birthday for a colleague at lunch
  • Laughed with a student about planning a “whine” and cheese party in pre-finals December
  • Conferenced with four students, two of whom are not “mine,” about their college essay applications
  • Had an impromptu, hour-long heart-to-heart with my mom
  • Took the boys out for ice cream
  • Helped my first-grader do three pages of math word problems – amazed at how he is growing!
  • Read the boys a chapter from Hatchet
  • Allowed a headache to increase in severity until I left work 30 minutes early and came home to puke, then sleep for an hour
  • Responded to several student emails requesting progress updates, recommendations, and advice
  • Chatted with a friend on Facebook about families and why we love and “the opposite of love” them
This is not unique to me .  We all have days, weeks, like this.  And I am not trying to garner sympathy or pity (although the "nursing" I received from my husband and boys was certainly appreciated!) because this is not an accident or misfortune.  This is the life I have chosen for myself.  And crazy as it sounds, I wouldn't have wanted to do any less with my day.  One verse I have tucked into my heart, James 1:2, keeps things in perspective: "Count it all joy..."  I may get tired at times, but even learning to admit that is a sign of my growth.  No matter what each day brings -- the temptations, the failings, the trials, the triumphs -- each teaches me something about myself and others.  Each makes me wonderfully imperfect.  And ready for a nap :)
This isn't post-related, but I love pics of the boys conked out in the car


Andrea said...

I got tired just reading about your day. :) Hope yall are doing good!!

Three pages of math word problems in first grade??? Goodness!

happy2bamommie said...

Omgoodness!! That sounds so exchasting!! I hope you feel better and enjoyed your much appreaicated Nursing from your boys!!! :)

happy2bamommie said...

and I LOVE that picture!! So cute!! :)