Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word 2011

When I read about One Little Word on the Two Writing Teachers blog, I knew I had to participate.  I did a bit of research and checked out the blog of Ali Edwards who started OLW.  I skimmed through the comments to her most recent post on the topic and found the variety of choices inspiring, yet overwhelming.

One word?? Only one?? So many came to mind -- beauty, truth, design, look, complete, move -- how could I pick?? But choose (or allow myself to be chosen) I did.

My OLW for 2011 is discover.  You'll hear more about it soon!  If you decide to choose a word, let me know what ya pick!  I'm sure I'll be jealous that I didn't choose it, too, but it'll be fun to see and follow what you do.


Allison said...

Stef...I chose the word "accept".

Stephanie said...

Great choice - and with 2 girls at home now, I am sure there will be ample opportunity to call on it!

brianna said...

I loved the OLW assignment, it really gave me a chance to explore what I want my life to mean and who I would like to become ver this next year-especially as I prepare to move and leave my entire life behind.
I considered fun words live sexuality, in the sense that I would explore what it means, because I truely believe sexuality is an attitude and not a physical attribute. I also thought about survive and passion, two opposite thoughts, yet something that I tend to rely on. The passion to achieve my goals that will only be realized if I can survive this next year.
In the end, TRUST became my word. Something I have always struggled with, this next year I decided to TRUST in everything- the future, the present, fate, karma. Family friends, even myself-life can only be lived once, and I think it will be much better if I am not alone.

Susan Yang said...

Mrs. Elliott,
I think that the word "discover" matches your personality perfectly! You are always trying out new things (assignments, activities, etc.) and discovering ideas. I would love to know which word you choose in 2012, because "discover" really does define you perfectly.

-Susan Y.