Monday, March 5, 2012

Zombie Lessons in Parenting (SOLSC--Day 4)

I was watching the most recent episode of "The Walking Dead" -- a show in some ways completely out of my usual viewing pleasure, but in others exactly what I crave. I could do without the blood, entrails, guns, profanity and zombie-moaning, but the questions the show raises are provocative, important and powerful.  Tonight the show has got me thinking about this: do we raise our children for the world we want to live in or the world we actually live in? And what if the two never meet up -- have we done them a disservice either way? And finally, as flawed, mere mortals ourselves, is it possible to raise our kids "right" or are we all destined to damage our children in some way even while trying to be good parents? Regardless all of the zombie- munching craziness, I have to admit I am hooked.


Stephanie McCabe said...

I'm pretty sure that all we as parents are doing is making sure therapists stay in business for a LOOONG time! least that's what I tell my 19 y/o. It doesn't seem to matter that I'm usually right about things I tell him...he doesn't believe me!

I thought you were very creative to connect The Walking Dead to parenting, though. The questions you raise are important!


MaryHelen said...

Tough questions. I hold, love, and pray over my children. The connections we make are important. Interesting connection.